Saturday, October 10, 2009


Cam has been trying to grow out his hair but decided to go short again today. He has been wanting to get a faux hawk but since he hasn't gotten both parents on board (yet), the stylist was sweet enough to give him the illusion that he has a faux hawk. Kind of cute if you ask me. :D

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Break

It's the last weekday of the kids Fall Break and it's safe to say, we enjoyed our week. Dan took three days off of work and we spent some much deserved family time together. We had the kids sports schedules to attend to but we made the best of it. One night, we put the tent up in the backyard and camped out, smores and all. We rounded out the week with a trip to the Arizona Science Museum, one of the nice things of being near a larger city again. Enjoy the following wheelchair race and pulley chair photos from today's outing.

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Friday, September 11, 2009


Cameron, Ed, Andrew, Pat, Caitlin, Kathleen, Dan, & Kori
Playing Dominoe's in our Dining Room

Dan, Dani, Pat, Ed, Cameron, & Caitlin
Pink Jeep Tour, Sedona, Arizona

Cameron & Caitlin
First Day of School in Front of our Home

Misty Lou Fay
aka Puppy Luppy

Since my last post on July 11th, a lot has happened around here. Just to name a few ... Dan and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. We had visitors (Kathleen, Andrew, Kori, Ed, & Pat). We spent some time in Sedona with Ed & Pat. The dog is finally potty trained (for the most part). The kids started school. (Cameron is in 1st grade and Caitlin is in 2nd grade.) And, last but not least, football (and fantasy football) season is under way. Needless to say, we are finally getting into the swing of things. The kids activities are going to be starting up over the next couple of weeks - both kids will participate in soccer again and Caitlin has joined a new Girl Scout troop that starts next Wednesday. Before we know it, Dan will be entrenched in peak at Amazon. But before he is, we are hoping to enjoy the next month and a half or so before that comes to fruition. Off to visit my scrap room. Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun in the Sun & Sunsets

Quick Update

The weather here has gotten hot (106-108) so it seems our life is adjusting with the temperatures somewhat. We have managed to carve out time to visit the clubhouse to do some swimming. The kids have also started swim lessons twice a week and are progressing wonderfully.
Kids Play Area within the Pool

Even though it is hot here, we have learned that the early mornings and late evenings are more tolerable. We have come to enjoy sitting on our back porch at the end of a long day to watch the sunset. The colors are just beautiful.
Sunset from our Back Porch

As mentioned, life here is all about the weather (and the puppy), so we are off to shop for ceiling fans!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet Misty

Just as we promised the kids, we have added a puppy to the family. Misty is a 3 month old lab mix that we rescued from the Humane Society. She's a ton of work and Motor is not loving the addition to the family but I think they'll come to tolerate each other over time. I guess I'd better go make sure she isn't chewing on anything or anyone!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My guys at Cameron's Kindergarten graduation.
My new kitchen (It doesn't look like this anymore, thank goodness!)

I guess it's time that I admit that blogging is not as easy as it seems. I mean ... Who has time? What do you say? and Is anyone even reading anyways? I guess we have had a few things on our plate with buying a home, moving a family, and everything else that comes along with that journey ... so I'll give myself a pass.

So, here's a few updates for you. Cameron graduated from kindergarten. Caitlin finished first grade. We moved to Arizona. Oh, and we bought a house.

We are in our new house and it is starting to feel like home. The cars are registered, the boxes are dwindling, the water softener is in, the blinds are being installed (tomorrow ... and we can't wait to sleep in past 5:30!!!), and the remaining estimates are almost in. Each of us is enjoying the extra space the house offers, the neighbors have all been welcoming, and the weather has been beautiful. All in all a good start (minus the scorpion - God rest his soul.)

Wish I had time to update more but, for now, this will have to suffice. Will post those photos you've been requesting when there's more time.

Please keep Hotel Fay in mind if you are visiting or traveling through. Now that we have a guest room again, we'd love to have it used ... regularly.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Quick Update

I don't have much spare time on my hands but since I promised you an update when we returned, here's the abbreviated version.

Our last week-and-a-half has proven to be busy, productive, and even a little emotional. We spent our Easter weekend loading up Dan's necessities and traveling to Phoenix. On our way, we were fortunate enough to have time to take in the Hoover Dam. It was an amazing area. Photos really don't do it justice but here's a few for you anyways.

Dan & the kids at Hoover Dam
Dani & the kids at Hoover Dam

We arrived at Dan's apartment on the afternoon of Easter and enjoyed a relaxing dinner out before hitting the real estate market. We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday house hunting. It was absolutely overwhelming how many houses we saw. (Never mind the condition of most of the houses!) Thursday proved to be our big day - the day that we made an offer on a house and had it accepted. If all goes according to plan, we will be able to move in at the end of May. It truly was a relief to have found something before the week was up!

Caitlin at one of the lakes in the development where we are hoping to purchase a home.
The front view of the home that we are hoping to purchase.

The kids and I flew back to Reno this past Saturday. Needless to say, NONE of us wanted to leave Dan behind but Caitlin took the first few days without Dad around pretty tough. Now that school is back in session and they are keeping busy with their respective activities, she is more distracted and therefore handling it a little bit better. Cameron, well ... nothing ever stops him! :-) Here's Caitlin's latest school project. A cow puppet for her school play later this month.

Caitlin & her Cow Puppet